26 Jan 2008

Area 51

The Groom Lake Base is this top-secret military base located 90 miles north of Las Vegas (which is in Nevada). It's in grid number 51 of the Nevada Test Site, so it's called Area 51. The United States Air Force Flight Test Center controls the base. It's best known for testing exotic aircraft and weapons. The base was created in 1954 as a place to test the secret U-2 spyplane that was used to fly missions over the Soviet Union. Then it started to house the SR-71, A-12 and D-21 drone. The F-117A was tested there, also. In the 1980's the base increased in size, along with the runway (which increased to the present 6 miles). Then, mysterious lights began to appear, and armed guards known as the cammo dudes started patrolling the border. The government closed many viewpoints from which the Area 51 base could be seen. In 1989, a "physicist" named Bob Lazar claimed that he worked at a base south of Area 51 and also claimed that Area 51 was testing extremely advanced aircraft and UFO's they got by trading with the aliens. Since then, Area 51 has been thought to be the test center of captured UFOs because of the lights in the night sky.


The Guard Shack
Every secret military base has to have a gaurd shack. If you were expecting tall steel walls, tall towers with machine-gun cannons on top, security cameras, helicopters, radar dishes, lots of security gaurds parading around with high-tech gear, you're wrong. This gaurd shack looks like something a hermit might live in. It doesn't do much either, except be a place where the cammo dudes can hang out. You can go up to the gaurd shack, but then you would be fined $600. This picture was probably taken by someone who ignored the warning signs and drove up to it.

Cammo Dudes

These are the strange and anonymous security guards at Area 51. They are called cammo dudes, because of the camouflage that they wear. Anyway, the dudes patrol the border with their Jeep Cherokees in two teams. Wherever you go, you will see a Cherokee, although you can rarely come this close. The cammo dudes are probably not military guys, and no one knows who hired them. Perhaps they enjoy doing this. The rumors are as follows:
The Cammo Dudes are employed by:

This is a magnetic sensor. It's in a plastic capsule about six inches long and are buried beside the road. This capsule contains the batteries. A bucket-shaped container contains the transmitter. The wires running off to either side lead to sensors that are buried a few feet apart on the roadside. These sensors transmit signals as someone passes.

This makes it impossible to break into Area 51. It could lead to immediate arrest, immediate death, and/or an immediate fine of $600 or more. (If they kill you, they take your wallet).
(Source: area51zone.com)

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