28 Jan 2008

Bouquet for Soeharto abundant

Bouquet series order as sorrow expression towards former president soeharto overflow up to to Yogyakarta. Bouquet at message by member outside Yogya city to seed off to astana giribangun, Solo.
Flower store sir purwo and sir puspo located in new city, yogyakarta, at most get bouquet order. Until 23.00 wib, sunday (27/1/2008), workers stills busy finish order not yet finished.

"Tonight must be sent to karanganyar, " said one of the worker.

At least 10 bouquet at message at flower store sir purwo. because delivery far enough, also rise up to 50 percents. " average flower price 500 thousands rupiah. But special sir harto rise to be 750 thousands rupiah because of far delivery, " sir purwo staff said.

This buyers, according to him, doesn't come from yogyakarta. buyer many come from outside city, that is Jakarta, Medan, Ambon up to from east borneo.

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