25 Jan 2008

Create Your Own Logo In a Minute

I have been looking for an easy tool to create cards logo in the internet for a couple of days, however, no one of them suits to my need. Half desperate, I sign in to my yahoo messenger and talk to some of my friend. I ask most of my friend on the list out about card logo tools which meet to my criteria. Most of them do not really understand to what I talked about. Luckily, one of my friends informed me to the right place which has the right tool too. That is www.logoyes.com logo design tool. At the first visit, I instantly try the demo. Even though this website is about to killing me for I only use a dial-up connection, generally I was satisfied. Basically there are five steps offered on their logo design tool in creating the card logo.
For the first step is choosing the image style. There are many good image style that could be chosen depend on my need. High tech, flair and bold style are available there. Thus for the second step, I chose industry type. On this step, I tried choosing religious part. However, I was little disappointed. The image is dominated by Christian symbols. I, as a Moslem, only have a little choice. Hopefully it will be a lot of choice in the future. Then I moved to the third step. Here I wrote down my name, address, etc and chose the fonts. On the last step, I just filled the image with green color and tried to rotate the image. So far, this tool is worth enough for me. If some of you need this kind of tool, just visit the website and feel the advantages.

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