7 Jan 2008

Games Centre

Felt bored because of your routine?
Relaxed for a moment to avoid stress. Download games to entertain yourself.
Various interesting games could be obtained by you in the site www.phelios.com.
One of the independent games developer's companies.
If you the lover of mario games, you definitely will like Bud Redhead.
The type of games that be the same as Mario that possibly often was played by you in Nintendo.

Many games that you could play in this site. Very complete: rpg games, arcade games,
Platformers, Shooters, Sports games, Golf games, Board games, Puzzle games, Match 3 games,
Kids games, Mac games, and Diner games.
My favourite games: Bud Redhead and Smack Mahjong.
This game was often played by me in my gap of rest time. All was available in windows and macintosh.
Interesting. You should bookmark this site.

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