21 Jan 2008

Next Generation of Search

Have you ever imagined there are no search engines on the internet? I bet you will be very sad and very disappointed if you have. In fact, there are many search engines available out there, from the simple engine to the complete engines. Every engine has its specialty and its specifications itself. Some of them specify on the speed of the search and some of them specify on free mail service or other. Nevertheless, some of them have a lot of similarity. The engines are never focused on a single thing such sport, music business or whatever. Generally, the search engines are looking for the thing globally according to the key word given by the searcher. If you are a very busy businessman, I think general search engines available in the internet are mismatch to you. Since you need specific information, http://www.canpages.ca is coming for you. A little thing you should know from this engines is about its specialty. It specializes on business search engines. It is very helpful for them who are interest in a business and need the information that related to it. Through this engines, you can find a lot of business directory all over the world. The information inside the business directory is available for free and of course the information given is valid. That was is a first value from the engines. For the second value is their phone book. Searching phone number through this sites is very easy and very helpful. You do not need to search the phone number in a difficult way such as in a general search engine. The phone book itself is almost complete from all kind of businesses all over the world. While the third value is the reverse lookup service. You can easily using this service to trace whatever you need.

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