26 Jan 2008

Prevent E-gold Hacking


In the past thousands of E-gold accounts have been hacked and all funds stolen. One of these E-gold accounts was ours. Luckily we only lost a very very small amount of money. We have spent a few hours researching the issue and have come up with some precautions:

#1 - Never use your E-gold password on any other sites.

#2 - Use the SRK feature while entering your password. This is the little blue circular link next to the password entry box. Click on it and a small keypad will popup in which you can use your mouse to punch in your password. This can prevent Trojan virus's from gathering info on your password.

#3 - Never download any software from suspicious looking sites. It is possible that it may be a trojan virus waiting to infect your computer.

#4 - E-gold will never email you and ask you to log into your account with a provided link. If you get an e-gold link via email. Do not open it, and whatever you do, don't go to the site that is provided. Hackers have been sending out various emails that look like they are from E-gold.

#5 - If you own a publicly known site with a publicly known e-gold account, then open another E-gold account in which nobody knows about. Then transfer funds.

#6 - If it's not a hassle, change your account info so that only your IP address can login to your account. This will almost certainly stop any hackers from infiltrating your E-gold account.

#7 - Run a good anti-virus software that will scan for Trojan virus's. You may have picked one up wthout knowing it.

#8 - Change your password every couple of weeks. This will prevent hackers from gaining too much info on your password. Also make sure your password is more then just 5 or 6 charactors. Use #'s, letters and symbols.

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