24 Jan 2008

Pyramids and Spinx

Who built the Pyramids and Sphinx?
Mars Face Well, the ancient Egyptians of course. However, alternative theories abound. Some argue that extraterrestrials may have constructed the monuments and that the "monuments on Mars" are related to the monuments at Giza. Others believe that the pyramids were built by humans who were members of an advanced, but lost, civilization.
Conventional wisdom holds that the pharaohs commissioned the building of the Pyramids as elaborate burial grounds for when they died. Alternative theory holds that the Pyramids and Sphinx were used for more practical purposes like navigation and power generation.
Most researchers believe that the Pyramids and Sphinx were built around 4,500 years ago. Recently, some researchers have argued that the Egyptian monuments are much older than originally thought. The Sphinx, in particular, is believed to have suffered heavy water erosion. However, water and rain were only present in Egypt during the distant past - 11,000 years ago, which would make the Sphinx almost 6,000 years older than conventional age estimates.
Alternative researchers often talk about the Hall of Records, a legendary room in the Sphinx or Great Pyramid that is thought to hold evidence of a past technological age. The ancient Egyptians themselves spoke of "Zep Tepi" or a golden age that existed in the distant past. Does this mystical place really exist and does it hold the secrets of this past age?

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