10 Feb 2008

Dollar's Secret

It's pretty confirmed that there are 2 very obvious symbols on the dollar. The Pyramid withthe Eye Of Ra or Horus. This is a secret mason symbol and supposedly of The Illuminati. Their conspiracy goes back to Ancient Egypt. This supposedly has to do with the eagle. It was originally supposed to be the Phoniex a creature of egyptian mythology. The together makup the front nad back of The Great Seal of America.

Secret societies are involved with satanists. The number 13 is sacred in satanism There's 13 arrows inone of the birds feet and 13 leaes on the other. There's 13 stars above it's head. You could say it's all due to the 13 colonies buth the stars put together make a pentagram. If you draw the penta gram and put it over the pyramid each point lines up to a letter in the saying around it. They unscrambles pell out mason.

Even better what does Annuit Copetis Novus OrdoSeclorum mean. It roughly translates to arrival of The New World Order. My question is when was this put on The Dollar Bill. If it was during the nation's start that would make sense after breaking from Britain. But I hear Rosevelt put it in suggesting something new hppening in The 20th or 21st Century

But what really has me entrieged is something on the other side of the dollar. On the corners on the borders by and between the 1s is a plant. The questionis what is the plant. From what I've heard it's The Coca. This is the main ingrdient in Coccaine. I've heard The US goverment has been in and profiting from drug deals, but is this the proof? This was told to me by a high up drug dealer that everytime you see red or blue on a truck it's carrying marajauna or crack. It's even by George Washington, could it be Marajauna? (alien-ufos.com)

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