17 Feb 2008

Hillary's victory in New Mexico

The president's United States candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, successful be the highest in election kaukus at new mexico, early morning a while ago. Hillary is successful grounds the rival Barack Obama with voice result 73.105. Meanwhile, Obama must satisfied with reaches of 71.396 voice. With this victory, Hillary admit optimistic has big chance to beats Obama.
It is not yet known by how much delegation that is received by Hillary after defeating the election in New Mexico. Till at this time, according to RealClearPolitics -one of the observer's agencies of the independent's general election in the USA, the amount of delegation that is received by the wife former President Bill Clinton is as many as 1,237.

The figure is different a little with the amount of delegation that succeeds in being gathered by Obama, namely 1,289. With these results, the two candidates must be still fighting hard to increase the amount of his delegation until reaching 2,025.
Obama's victory at Washington dc, Virginia, and Maryland, beginning this week, make Obama more superiorer. Till today, Obama won the beginning election in 22 states, in the meantime, Hillary only wins in 12 states. The two candidates will furthermore compete in the election in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Several measure of opinion predict, Hillary will overcome Obama in Ohio with the voice comparison 55:34%.
In the meantime, in Pennsylvania, Hillary will win with 52:36%. It does not yet have the measure of opinion about whoever will win in Texas. In the meantime, when campaigning in Dayton, Ohio, at dawn earlier, Hillary again criticises Obama that it was considered inexperienced. Hillary accuses Obama as the person who sells off the promise but weak in the matter of the substance and the solution.

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