19 Feb 2008

Sony Voice Recording

Sony produced one of Voice Recording that is ICD-UX60, UX70, UX80 series.
This newest recorder implement carried the capacity to record the voice till 580 hours or be equal to 25 days non-stopped for the series UX80 with the capacity 2 GB. The ability of the recorder implement that was very fantastic to record the voice and played MP3 at the same time.
With the simple and light design of ICD-UX series really colorful with various variants of the colour that was offered made this recorder implement visible really stylish for the user.
With the screen display in the body could put forward four choice languages as the escort for his user that is English, China, traditional China and also Korea.
Supplemented also with USB that was put in their low body, that cover could be taken off to facilitate the user to keep, share or move the data and their collection of songs from PC and to their PC.
So was not again needed by the external USB connector if the user wanted to transfer the data or results of their recorder to PC.
This Sony ICD-UX series was present with four variants of the colour that is silver, pink, black and red with the choice of the capacity in accordance with the users requirement, from 512 MB to 2 GB.

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