16 Feb 2008

Who’s Stephen Kazmierczak

Stephen Kazmierczak, brutal shooter in Northern Illinois University, Chicago, known by 5 day before Valentine day, buy 3 pistol. Likely this 27 year age man have planned that mass shoting.
Like ABC News said, Friday ( 15/2/2008), source-man in police department mention that Kazmierczak have bought a 12 size gun , 22 calibre pistol and 9 mm pistol in a gunshop in Champaign, 9 February 2008 last Saturday.
After shoting event in that Valentine Day, police also find a semi automatic weapon, 45 calibre. That weapon is anticipated to be brought by Kazmierczak in a guitar bag.
Previously Known, Kazmierczak enlist in Northern Illinois last year, but he represent a student in other campus of Of Illinois University, in Urbana-Champaign.

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