25 Mar 2008

Send Multiple Emails

When you are passing on jokes and information on the Internet to friends and associates, you may be putting them is danger of viruses.
Why is this?
There are many people on the Internet who just gather Emails. Have you ever seen those sites that say, “Send this picture or joke, etc, to a friends email?”
Or you receive a joke or inspirational message from someone who encourages you to pass it along. Everyone receives these, I do on a daily basis.

I was naïve and would pass them along with all my friends email addresses on them for anyone to access. People who get paid to gather email addresses count on this happening.
You send friends jokes or information, they open their email and that address now goes on a list for someone to buy.

The way to avoid this is to use the Bcc (blind copy) part of your email message.

What you do is:
Put in the To: Friends (no email or your own)
Then in the BCC: Their actual email address

Why? Because the BCC is the Blind Copy and no one will be able to get the Emails of the people to whom you are sending your message.
I was naïve when I started on the Internet. I did not know that every time I sent a joke or other information to others via Email, I was exposing their email address to millions of others. Now I know better and am helping others to understand, too.

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