29 Apr 2008

Spyware Infections

Always on the rise, spyware is difficult to avoid when surfing the internet because it can install itself so easily by countless different means. Much of computer's spyware infections are hidden within freeware programs running, such as music file sharing applications. Spyware and adware are primarily used to invade persons computers to track and record their usage and private information so they may be targeted with pop ups and advertising schemes.

Spyware is an invasion of users' privacy and at a minimum it will cause annoying and constant pop ups. When dialer spyware hacks in your internet connection is hijacked and charges are made to your bill from someone else connecting to remote areas. At its worst spyware applications can get a hold of personal and confidential information such as credit card and bank account numbers as well as social security numbers and passwords. This can often lead to identity theft or credit fraud.

Nearly all computer and internet users are affected by the spyware epidemic. Spyware is easily installed in computers, simply by visiting a website sometimes. To avoid spyware visit and download from only trustworthy sites. When downloading a program read all user agreements because spyware will often be mentioned there, and once you agree you also allow spyware in. Use scanning tools, such as Spybot Search and Destroy or Spyblaster, to rid your computer of spyware infections and run them weekly.

With these programs always check for updates regularly so you computer is being fully protected. (Mitch Johnson)

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